My Gift To You

Hey what up. I wrote you a book. Yes, I know that’s probably a pretty strange way to begin our friendship but you know what? Someone had to break the ice. I wasn’t gonna wait for you to write one for me.

So why’d I do it? Because you looked like you needed a clue. You looked like you wanna make some money but you don’t know how. But most of all, I did it because you remind me of a young me.

I was there too. Broke. Clueless. Too busy working to make a decent plan. Yes, I was there. And unlike all the smart people, I was there for years. I felt like I was circling the drain and I hadn’t even turned 30 yet. I knew I had a problem but I didn’t know what to do about it. It sucked.

I read all the books. Dave Ramsay. Robert Kiyosaki. Ramit Sethi (who has already blocked me on Twitter but I swear it was just a misunderstanding). I read them all and NONE of them gave me a workable system for generating profit.

So I made my own. And after two years of following my own system, while ignoring everyone else, my account is well into the six figures.

My system is so simple that dummies can use it to make hundreds of dollars every week. What’s more, my system doesn’t require any clever techniques. SEO. Audience building. Email funnels. You don’t need ANY of them to make profit using my system. You don’t need to spend hours trawling through Target’s clearance bins. You don’t even need any money.

That’s right. You probably heard that it takes money to make money, but I will teach you how to make money with no money. I’m not playing – my book is good. Better than a lot of paid guides (that’s what they tell me anyway). And it’s free.

I don’t want your money. That’s why my book is free. I want to see you get profitable, and get on with the meaningful parts of life. For example, something other than your job.

So click the link below to download Garbitrage LITE – my easy guide to finding goods that you can resell for profit.

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