Be Brave. Get Money.

Where will your money come from if you don’t have the courage to go get it?

Life reserves the best rewards for the people who will take the necessary risks to win. You’ve heard all the old sayings.

“To catch a lion cub, you must enter the lion’s den.”

These sayings are old because they’re true. At some point you must swallow your fear and step forward. Accept the odds and do what you must. 

There will be a price to be paid – your time, your options, your pride. Something must be given away for the chance to profit.

What will you give? 
What will you risk?
What will you dangle in front of the lion for a chance to catch one of his cubs?

When you know what you’re doing, you can mute the sensation of risk. For example, when I buy and sell goods I don’t feel a thing anymore. I used to. I would hesitate before completing a buy – “I have a few things to sell already…” Fear would make me doubt my ability to clear my debts in time.

Now? Nothing. I can start the week with $2000 of credit card debt and feel sure I can clear it by Friday. I’ve done it often enough. I no longer doubt myself.

Now my new horizon is investing in…certain…highly speculative assets. I’ve been doing this for a couple of years and I must admit, I still have to fight myself. It’s not like I’m going to do anything else with the money. And yet…when it comes time to press buy, I still have to goad myself into it. “C’mon don’t be a wimp. This is how to get rich.”

Using this method has multiplied my flipping profits many, many times over. And still I have to make a concerted effort to push through the fear, keep my discipline, and continue to buy.

If you’re starting out, I want to encourage you. You can make a big difference in your own life, just by taking the simple steps that I did. No I can’t offer you overnight solutions. My story is only a few years long, and I’ve still seen many different seasons. Long winters, as well as beautiful springtimes.

You will go through seasons too, but the first step is to steel your nerves. Risk can make you rich, but fear WILL keep you poor.

Naturally, if you’ve read this far and you don’t know where to start, you should read my book. It contains my full method for going from zero to making hundreds of dollars every week. All without needing any money or knowledge to start with.

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