It’s not your boss’s job to make you rich.

People love complaining. People love blaming others. What people don’t like though, is taking responsibility. Responsibility hurts. It forces you to take the blame when things go wrong.

Dead end job. No savings. Getting poorer and poorer. It feels good when these things are someone else’s fault. Being a victim is cool and fashionable now, so if your life can be blamed on someone else then you are cool and fashionable too. And who doesn’t want to be cool?

Instagram your poverty with whichever hashtag is blowing up. Make sure to show how you’re the innocent good guy, railroaded into hardship by all the bad guys. Complain to whoever’s listening about how it’s all their fault.

The schools. Employers. Government. Your mom. They’re the ones who made you poor.

But what if … what if maybe you did it? No, no, hear me out. This is gonna sound crazy but what if it was your choices that put you right where you are? What if all the late nights playing games instead of studying made you a useless person? What if all the times you called in sick are what kept you from career progression? That would mean you did it. That would mean that your life is your own fault.

It may come as a surprise to you to find out that your boss doesn’t lose a wink of sleep over your plight. He doesn’t care whether you can afford a new car, or whether your 30 year old clunker breaks down on the freeway. All he cares about is whether you’re there at 9am. Whether you make his customers happy. Whether you create more value in his business than you cost. That’s all.

Why? Simple. It’s because your wellbeing, your future, your overall station in life is none of his concern. Your boss doesn’t care whether you get rich or not, because it’s not his job. It’s yours. So what are you gonna do about it? Keep blaming your high school friends who kept dragging you to parties? Or are you gonna take responsibility and decide that you will be rich?

Garbitrage is the result of my decision to improve my situation. It contains my system for reliably generating $400 – $1000 of profit per week just by reselling everyday items. Click the link if you’re ready to start solving your own problems.

So you wanna be a trader?

So you wanna be a trader? Get out there with the big dogs in the markets? Get your profits buying low and selling high?

Step 1: Don’t. Instead, take that money and set it on fire. At least the flames would have warmed you for a second, unlike what would happen if you trade your beginner’s account to zero.

Trading requires many skills and qualities. The most important is your edge. If you ask me what’s an “edge” just take Step 1 and keep walking. Your edge in trading is the source of your advantage. It is how you can compete and win in the markets.

Who else is in the markets? If we talk about competitors and competition there are…

Billion dollar college endowment funds
Billion dollar retirement funds
Billion dollar hedge funds
Billion dollar banks

I hope you see the theme. You’re competing against billions of dollars of research, staff, and equipment. If you (some guy with an internet connection and a laptop) think you can consistently OUTGUESS your competitors, you’re playing with fire. It would be easier if you save your time and set your money on fire right now. Because guessing will see you hand your account to the market, piece by piece.

There is no simple advantage that a retail trader can gain. You are fighting against businesses that exist solely to draw your account down to zero. They’ve spent plenty on learning about you. And what do you know about them?

Run. Just go and buy a second hand BMW or something. Don’t buy a gumroad course on trading either. I’m serious. Why would anyone reveal a usable, profitable system for under $100k? You think a profitable trader going to turn you into their competition for $299.95? Please. The info on Google would get your account to zero, but for free.

Trading is 100% about advantage. I guarantee you have none in the market as a trader.

Are there any exceptions? Of course there are, or else the markets wouldn’t even exist. Where can you create exceptions as a trader? The first way is by investing your own time and money (risk) into gaining experience in the markets. You can do this even with $1 trades. Plan your trade, write your entry and exit, measure your risk:reward. One book that really helped me with this idea is Alexander Elder’s ‘Trading For A Living’.

If you spend $50000 doing this and record everything, you will learn how to do it. You will find situations in which you have the advantage.

Another way is by simply extending the timeframe. Your competitors are concerned with pulling profit this afternoon. Or tomorrow. At the very latest, next week. If you can wait them out, you’ve already created a powerful advantage. I realize that this is much less “trading” and more like investing. I know. But if you want the greatest advantage, then it can help to sacrifice some speed in return for certainty.

It seems like trading is a rite of passage for most people who decide they want to be rich. It’s easy to access. No one checks whether you’re qualified to fund a Robinhood account. But the ease of access only exists because it makes it easier for institutions to fleece you on what is very much their turf.

The safest way that I found for making money is detailed in my book Garbitrage. In it, I completely detail my system for going from zero dollars to well over six figures in just two years. Because this is what your account should do – grow, not shrink.

YouTube Channel

I’ve started a YouTube channel where people can learn straight from me. It’s quite a lot of fun to learn a new platform and you bet that my videos are rough’n’ready at the moment.

I really just wanted to get started without waiting until I’m ready (cause you know full well what happens if I wait).

This my second video. I plan to make a video every day so that the youtube algo learns to love me.

I’m Removing You From My List.

I like what I do. I’m not the best at it, but I’m proficient and consistent. 

When people hear what I do, the conversation will often turn to numbers and profits. This is natural – everyone wants to measure. Not necessarily for hierarchical comparison; just we all like to know how everything fits together.

I don’t mind telling them. I really do only make $20 – $30 per sale. I really have done this for two years now. And I really have turned those little profits into something the size of a home loan deposit. 

So why is it that people still think that flipping for profit isn’t worth it? I’ll be blunt – there’s no business in which you can profit this quickly. There’s also no business that you can start with as few resources. Following my model, you can start flipping with 

  • No inventory
  • No money
  • No audience
  • No website
  • No network of high net worth friends

If the above list means nothing to you, I would advise that you unsubscribe from these emails. I am not an all-rounder. I’m not really here to share the world with you. I’m here for only one thing, and it’s something that doesn’t matter to most people. You should already know what that thing is.

The only reason I’m here is to help the people who want to get off zero. I found my own way, and I don’t keep it a secret. I trust my own ability. No matter how many of you know what I know, I’m confident that I can keep winning. I’m also pretty sure that human nature means that most people will ignore my advice, leaving the second hand markets as my exclusive domain. It’s a pity, but I can’t force you to make money.

If you’ve made it this far I’ll let you stay on my email list. This week has been a filtering experiment. You who’ve bothered to read can stay.

If you’re one of the people that fit my description, and you’re looking for a way to start making money from nothing, download my full textbook today. There’s a bonus three month subscription to The City of Gold – my paid discussion group included with the book for free. You can contact me in The City of Gold for advice and guidance, but the offer is for a limited time only.

Be Brave. Get Money.

Where will your money come from if you don’t have the courage to go get it?

Life reserves the best rewards for the people who will take the necessary risks to win. You’ve heard all the old sayings.

“To catch a lion cub, you must enter the lion’s den.”

These sayings are old because they’re true. At some point you must swallow your fear and step forward. Accept the odds and do what you must. 

There will be a price to be paid – your time, your options, your pride. Something must be given away for the chance to profit.

What will you give? 
What will you risk?
What will you dangle in front of the lion for a chance to catch one of his cubs?

When you know what you’re doing, you can mute the sensation of risk. For example, when I buy and sell goods I don’t feel a thing anymore. I used to. I would hesitate before completing a buy – “I have a few things to sell already…” Fear would make me doubt my ability to clear my debts in time.

Now? Nothing. I can start the week with $2000 of credit card debt and feel sure I can clear it by Friday. I’ve done it often enough. I no longer doubt myself.

Now my new horizon is investing in…certain…highly speculative assets. I’ve been doing this for a couple of years and I must admit, I still have to fight myself. It’s not like I’m going to do anything else with the money. And yet…when it comes time to press buy, I still have to goad myself into it. “C’mon don’t be a wimp. This is how to get rich.”

Using this method has multiplied my flipping profits many, many times over. And still I have to make a concerted effort to push through the fear, keep my discipline, and continue to buy.

If you’re starting out, I want to encourage you. You can make a big difference in your own life, just by taking the simple steps that I did. No I can’t offer you overnight solutions. My story is only a few years long, and I’ve still seen many different seasons. Long winters, as well as beautiful springtimes.

You will go through seasons too, but the first step is to steel your nerves. Risk can make you rich, but fear WILL keep you poor.

Naturally, if you’ve read this far and you don’t know where to start, you should read my book. It contains my full method for going from zero to making hundreds of dollars every week. All without needing any money or knowledge to start with.

Why aren’t you trying to get rich?

Nearly every problem in your life is a money problem in disguise. Don’t believe me? Think about it.

Say you’re out of shape. I know you’re not – you have eight visible abs and you can bench 250. I know. But for the sake of my argument, let’s say you are. Is this purely a health problem? Let’s look at your lifestyle. 

Wake up at 6am. 
On the train by 7am. 
In the office from 8:30 – 5pm. 
Home by 6pm. 
Finished cooking and cleaning by 8pm.
Enough time and energy at that point to either fall asleep reading a book, or fall asleep watching TV. 

Would you seriously live this way if you had enough money? Would you be on your company’s leash if there was some other way for you to get your two hundred dollars a day? You bet you wouldn’t.

Let’s say you’re looking for a romantic relationship. I know you’re happily married, but humor me for the sake of it. You’re looking for a relationship when your day looks like this.

Wake up at 6am. 
On the train by 7am. 
In the office from 8:30 – 5pm. 
Home by 6pm. 
Finished cooking and cleaning by 8pm.
Enough time and energy at that point to either fall asleep reading a book, or fall asleep watching TV. 

Do you think meaningful romantic relationships can precipitate in an environment like this? But here, what on the outside looks like a time problem is more so a money problem. If you had more money, you could afford to spend time the way you want to.

I can do this all day. Your dog is unwell but you gotta go to work. Your parents need help with a project but you gotta go to work. Your best friend has invited you to their destination wedding in Bali but you gotta go to work. If any of these give you a shadow of anxiety, look at money.

Money, and your access to it, has knock-on effects for every other aspect of your life. Provided you have some basic self control and resource management, more money is more options for you. So why aren’t you trying to get rich? More money equals more control over what matters – your time.

When I realized this a few years ago, I began my side business journey. I grew my proficiency in flipping with the goal of financial freedom – a goal that’s getting nearer every day (we’ll tell that story later). I wrote a book for you If you have no idea where to start. My system is great because it doesn’t take anything to start. 

I use free systems, free money, and other people’s poor decision making to bring in steady profits. All free. You know what? I happen to have written a book all about it. Click here and download it. There’s no reason you can start getting richer today.

The Low Information Life

Believe it or not, I graduated from a degree. Yes, this was a very long time ago.

I will not name the discipline in which I completed a degree. It’s kind of embarrassing that I was so bad at life and choices that I chose to study what I did. But I remember one tutorial, in which my <REDACTED> professor asked the class if we watch the news. I replied that I didn’t, because I didn’t believe much of it. He was not impressed. In fact, he seemed displeased.

I wish I could remember his reply, but I can’t. I remember that I very much wanted it to be something appreciative of my independent thought. All I remember is that it was not.

I didn’t really ignore the news back then. I was just trying to sound smart in a tutorial full of people smarter than me. It took me another decade and a half to really, actively avoid consuming news. My wife would see me wasting time, writing replies on news articles and online discussions. I’d get really heated about it! I spent actual time, and real intellectual energy, on trying to support my position and destroying those with whom I disagreed. 

Now, seeing all of this written down is even more embarrassing than acknowledging my bachelor’s degree. But it’s true. It took having the eyes of my wife on me, and listening to her, for me to realize that I was pouring my time down the toilet. This is the purpose of all media though. They want you to engage – get involved, get interested, and hopefully get some sort of emotional reaction. 

Your engagement means you spend longer interacting with the spaces in which they advertise. Everyone knows this. But ask yourself, and be real.

How much time do you spend every day reading news?

How could your time be better spent?

Most importantly – how do you benefit by knowing all that stuff?

Don’t rush through those questions. Chew them a little while to really savor the bitterness of this waste of your life. After quitting news, I would still find myself wandering the wastes of the internet reading things that I have no business knowing. I’m getting better at it. I can catch myself now – I stop myself with the question “Do I need to know this?” The answer in 99.9% of cases is “no”. 

Don’t cheat yourself out of life. Don’t get tricked into the feeding pen – once you’re in, the exit gets smaller and smaller. The fatter you get on empty information, the harder it is to squeeze yourself back out.

Outside of the news media feeding pen is where you find life, and find time. Time to build yourself up and set yourself free. Freedom is expensive. It takes planning, forethought, guts, and most of all, clear execution. You’ll never even start these if you’re addicted to news.

Want to know what I do with my the time that I save by never reading the news? Find me and community of other money makers in The City of Gold. For a limited time, citizenship is only $10 per month.

Do It For The Dummies

You’ve probably got your own reasons for being here. Maybe it’s entertainment for you. Maybe you think I’m teaching you something. In reality though, if you’re here reading this you probably don’t need need this.

I was talking with a buddy in The City of Gold, about the giant scam that central banks are running – all over the world today. It’s an excellent scam, because it takes an amount of intelligence to even understand. This is the perfect way to steal.

If people don’t know you’re stealing from them, they can’t even react. Beautiful! I’d applaud its magnificence if it wasn’t one of the most evil frauds in known history to masquerade as public service.

As I was saying, if you’re reading this, you probably don’t need this. I bet you know how to make money. How to manage your money. How to responsibly allocate it so that some of it grows, while some stands ready to assist you if difficulties come. I bet you know all of this, but there are some people out there who don’t.

I’ll quietly call them dummies, cause I know none of them are reading this. Dummies are decent people who, through no fault of their own, are not blessed with the faculty to understand that governments and institutions are specifically designed to steal from them.

If you understand what I write about, then you know that dummies need your help. That’s what I’m doing here. Trying to show people

  1. How to create extra income using the free systems that institutions have already made available.
  2. How to buy and sell goods for profit.
  3. How to protect those profits so that you get to keep them.

This is what normal people need to know today. Starting a full business isn’t for everyone. Bootstrapping a tech start up isn’t for everyone. But anyone can raise their own income by paying attention online marketplaces and doing some shopping. Anyone.

Want to know how I built my little fortune? It all started by using the system in my free book. Download it to start your journey today.


You don’t wanna be good at Twitter. I promise you don’t. Even if you think you do, you don’t. This isn’t speaking from experience, because I personally don’t see myself as being good at Twitter. I am a very average performer on that platform. Unexceptional in every way except that I didn’t quit yet. The ones who are really good – those who are skilled at phrasing things in such a way as to resonate with their readers – they get plenty of likes and retweets and…what.

I have a friend who got 1000 follows in her first week, on her first ever account. Some of you know her. She’s very good at Twitter and she makes no money at all. How about you? You got 5000 followers. You got 100 likes. You got retweeted. Rest assured that no one cares.

What you should be focused on, like a laser guided heat-seeking missile, is PROFIT. What makes money? What’s moving you forward?

It’s fine if that’s a job. It’s totally okay. Don’t listen to these insecure nerds on Twitter. Threatened by the idea that maybe half a decade of broke entrepreneurship isn’t a perfect path for everyone. Ignore them. You got a job and that’s great. Use it the way it ought to be used – for your benefit, and to move you forward.

Outside of your job, work on profit. There are so many ways to do it these days. I’m a big fan of flipping, because of the massive financial difference that it’s made to me. It’s pretty quick to learn. When you pick the right product, you can sell for quick return. Beautiful.

You don’t have to flip though. You could start your own online store. You could create a youtube channel. You could write a book in your field of expertise. But whatever you do, don’t get skillful in things that don’t count. Don’t just be that guy who’s good at Twitter and that’s it.

And if you want an insider’s look at how I make my side income, download my free ebook by clicking this link. Free. What more could you possibly ask for.