Garbitrage LITE – The Flipper’s Free Primer

I’ve written a free ebook to complement my paid textbook – something to help you get started in the world of flipping.

Learning to profitably flip takes time, effort, and the right mindset.

However, you can implement many strategies to increase your profitability and minimize your risk.

Garbitrage LITE is going to teach you simple ways to find saleable goods, buy them profitably, and sell them safely.

Without knowing the flipping basics, your system won’t ever reach full potential. Read Garbitrage LITE and you won’t need to spend all day looking through Walmart for $5 of profit.

The following tips, tricks, and tactics can help you get profitable, get smarter about trading, and Get Paid More.



There is an epidemic of thought within the Twitter Money circle, that ebooks are some sort of panacea to all manner of lifestyle ills. More prevalent nowhere, than in the niche of dividend gurus. No one ever stops to ask them why they’d buy the guru ebook rather than just buying some actual dividend stocks.

So I thought I’d take a moment here to remind you that you earn nothing for buying an ebook. You might be lead to believe you are – that you can educate yourself rich. I assure you that you cannot. Otherwise why do all of the finance professors go home at night in 15 year old Corollas. No, knowledge and information and education are altogether worthless except in the case that you seize them and use them as a tool to cut a path to your goal.

No one wants you to be rich. No one is selling their secrets. The contents of the dividends ebook are likely paraphrased investopedia.

My Twitter Guide

Money twitter can be a funny place. Personally I don’t recognise anything below 10000 followers as being of significance.

Sure, we all start somewhere. And I am lucky that I got followed at all.

But seriously kids, take it easy with the selling. You got no experience. You got no skills. You’re selling garbage from other idiots whose only skill is tricking idiots into buying.

People are gonna come to you and want to buy when you’re a recognised authority in your field. Not when you’ve spent two months on twitter.

New Blog So Shiny Much Wow

Hey what up, it’s Mikey from Get Paid More. Glad you’re here. Now, I realise there isn’t much to see at the moment but that’s cause I literally paid for my hosting 40 minutes ago. Give me a second you savage.

I am very, very excited that you’re here. Hope you’re ready to continue the fun that we’ve been having over the last couple of months over there on Twitter.

I started this blog because I feel the need to stretch my legs a bit. Twitter is great and all, but my hand is sore from all the high fives. I need something with a bit more substance. I need long form. Also, I wake up in the night covered in sweat cause I keep dreaming that same dream. You know – the one about the Twitter algo shutting me down and deleting all of my hard work. Terrifying.

But now we’re all here, and we’ll have lots of fun. You’ll see – stick around and you’ll see.