Don’t Quit Working

A common attraction for people to the world of side-businesses, entrepreneurship, and raising income, is to “quit working”. There’s this meme lodged in the public psyche that endless naps by some hotel poolside is somehow The High Life – the pinnacle of existence. I dispute this wholeheartedly. There’s nothing valuable about falling back from success into a vapid existence of consumption and mediocrity. No one should want it.

Even those who get it, find that it loses all meaning after a month. No one wants to go on holidays forever. We desire meaning. We crave significance. We want to know what it’s all for – and I can assure you it’s not all just for endless seaside strolls.

I see my business journey as a means to that end. I will never quit work. I love work – my work. Not my day job, or my commute, or spending time in the office at my boss’s mercy. I love creating the things that I’ve created. The books I wrote. The audience I’ve gathered. The discussion group I run. I love it all – that’s not an exaggeration. I don’t love it for the vast amounts of money I make from it either. If I had to figure an hourly rate of pay for what I’ve done so far, it would be below ten cents an hour. But it feels significant. All of this feels like exactly what I should have been doing for the world all along.

Find what you can do. Create meaning, and retire from insignificance.

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