Free Money – The Magic Paint Brush

We live in an age of unrivaled opportunity.

Never before has so much been available, for so little.

It reminds me of a traditional Chinese folktale – The Magic Paint Brush. It goes a little something like this –

A poor young shepherd named Ma Liang loved to paint.

One night, Liang dreams of an old man who gives him a magic paint brush.

“Anything you draw with this paint brush will come to life,” the old man tells him.

And when Liang wakes up in the morning, there is the paint brush right next to him.

Liang explores the great potential of his new, magic paint brush.

He brings great prosperity to his village by painting a river to bring them fresh water,

and a herd of buffalo to till the soil.

The rest of the story doesn’t matter that much to the point I’m trying to make here.

If you’re reading this, you have been gifted with the potential of the magic paint brush.

You can literally write your fortune starting today.

The internet gives you access to the whole world.

You could learn programming from free tutorials on youtube and elsewhere. That’s free. Then apply your lessons by building an app to sell. That’s also free. Apps are made of lines of code – there are no material or logistics costs. Programming is a magic paint brush.

You can build a twitter audience for free and sell them other things you built for free. I do this with a book that I wrote. Twitter has cost me $0 so far. I wrote my book on the train, on google docs, on my way to work. This is another example of a magic paint brush.

Don’t just sit there wasting time reading twitter. Create a product using the free systems and platforms that are available to you today.

Sell your product leveraging the power of the interconnected population.

Write for free. Sell for money. Get Paid More.

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