Hidden Treasure – The Saddle Ridge Hoard

Are you walking past treasure every day without knowing it?

In early 2013, a Californian couple discovered a hidden stash of gold coins right on their own property.

The discovery was made on a walking trail they’d walked regularly.

After finding a can of gold coins, they returned to see what else was at the site.

When they’d fully explored, they found a total of 1427 gold coins.

After the initial shock had worn off, they got their coins valued at around $10,000,000 for the whole trove.

Some of the coins are rare enough to receive a $1m valuation each.

The coins had been sitting in the same spot for over 150 years before being discovered by the property owners.

And because gold does not rust or spoil, they were as good as new when they were found.

I tell this story to raise a point, and ask you a question.

Which opportunities are you walking past today?

There could be metaphorical gold buried right beside your figurative walking trail.

You might have walked past it regularly without even noticing its value.

For me, I found a great deal of treasure hidden in other people’s classifieds ads.

People who don’t know the value of their goods, or are in a hurry to sell.

I buy their stuff, and sell it back at market price.

This year I’ve spent about $45000 on goods to resell.

I’ve made $16000 in profit, which has allowed me to make some investments.

You can do this too – I’ve recorded my full system in my book Garbitrage. No talent required. Just follow the procedure and earn money. Garbitrage: The Flipper’s Textbook

The Flipper's Textbook

Start learning how to make money today. Don’t keep walking past your buried treasure. See the world clearly and seize the opportunities that are all around you.

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