How I made my money

I wrote this earlier today, and of course it bombed. People don’t wanna make money I swear. This is the basics of the system I used to build a six figure investment fund in two years. While paying a mortgage, while working a job, and while not even getting divorced.

Here are the steps.

1. Know the market price. You can get price data from all over the internet. Make sure it’s sale prices not asking prices. I can ask $20k for my used toilet water. It doesn’t matter what I ask if no one’s paying.

2. Find an advantage in the market. There are lots of ways to do this. Are you faster at buying? Do you recognize deals before anyone else? Is your product knowledge broader and more accurate? Get an advantage, and if you don’t have one MAKE ONE.

3. Price your profit in when you buy. Don’t buy at market price. If you’re following my method you’re a trader, not an investor. That means you can’t rely on the hope of a “greater fool” to come along and save you from your stupid buys. You gotta buy below market.

4. Sell comfortably. You know your market, you exploited your advantage, you bought lower than everyone else. Now you can’t help but make money. Put yourself in a position where winning is easy. And then take your profit.

5. Invest the profits. I didn’t write this step on twitter. This is the BIG key. Use your profits to buy further profits, in the form of asset appreciation, cash flow, dividends, ect. If you follow these steps for 5 years you will have plenty.

Wanna know more? I wrote a whole textbook about how I applied these steps. Specifics, in detail. Click this link to buy.

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  1. Really helpful! In the past I would buy and sell items sometimes for a profit (sometimes not due to impatience or not valuing items correctly), then treat myself with the money I made (which did reduce the costs coming out of my main 9-5 income but it also didn’t leave anything for investing.

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