How much Bitcoin is left?

Short answer: not much. Long answer: far less than there are people who need it.

I haven’t written much about Bitcoin and crypto here, because it makes me feel nervous to put my support behind things like this. Bitcoin is great. Crypto is great. But people make bad decisions with crypto and then blame the asset. Instead of taking responsibility for buying peak hype, because of course they do.

But you know what? I’m gonna start writing about Bitcoin and crypto. Because it’s made a huge difference to me, and I expect to be able to retire on my crypto fund in a few years. Yeah that kind of difference.

Now back to the question at hand. Consultancy.Org says that as of June 2021 there were 20,000,000 (twenty million) millionaires in the world. Bitcoin’s maximum supply is 21,000,000 (twenty one million). So just looking at it from this level, already you can see that the supply cannot hope to meet the demand.

At time of writing this, the number of bitcoins in existence is 18,781,506. Well below the number of millionaires, so you can already see that some of our rich friends are going to have to go without.

Add to this the fact that according to research, up to 20% of bitcoin is lost forever. Irrecoverable. Gone. My calculator tells me that 20% of 18,781,506 is 3,756,301. This puts the approximate number of bitcoins available at 15,025,205. Far short of the global population of millionaires. They’re gonna have to fight, and so are you if you want any bitcoin.

This stuff is really scarce. Don’t let the “millions” fool you – there are many, many more millionaires than there are bitcoins. There are far more regular people out there, like you and me, who would benefit from Bitcoin’s deflationary characteristics. Bitcoin is being locked away at an increasing rate. It gets bought and removed from the market. No one can have it. So what will you do?

Personally, I set aside an amount of my wage every week, as well as my profits from flipping, solely to purchase bitcoin. I see it as a last chance for me, and for people like me. The rigged game has gone on long enough. Bitcoin is my peaceful opt-out of governmental strangulation.

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