It’s not your boss’s job to make you rich.

People love complaining. People love blaming others. What people don’t like though, is taking responsibility. Responsibility hurts. It forces you to take the blame when things go wrong.

Dead end job. No savings. Getting poorer and poorer. It feels good when these things are someone else’s fault. Being a victim is cool and fashionable now, so if your life can be blamed on someone else then you are cool and fashionable too. And who doesn’t want to be cool?

Instagram your poverty with whichever hashtag is blowing up. Make sure to show how you’re the innocent good guy, railroaded into hardship by all the bad guys. Complain to whoever’s listening about how it’s all their fault.

The schools. Employers. Government. Your mom. They’re the ones who made you poor.

But what if … what if maybe you did it? No, no, hear me out. This is gonna sound crazy but what if it was your choices that put you right where you are? What if all the late nights playing games instead of studying made you a useless person? What if all the times you called in sick are what kept you from career progression? That would mean you did it. That would mean that your life is your own fault.

It may come as a surprise to you to find out that your boss doesn’t lose a wink of sleep over your plight. He doesn’t care whether you can afford a new car, or whether your 30 year old clunker breaks down on the freeway. All he cares about is whether you’re there at 9am. Whether you make his customers happy. Whether you create more value in his business than you cost. That’s all.

Why? Simple. It’s because your wellbeing, your future, your overall station in life is none of his concern. Your boss doesn’t care whether you get rich or not, because it’s not his job. It’s yours. So what are you gonna do about it? Keep blaming your high school friends who kept dragging you to parties? Or are you gonna take responsibility and decide that you will be rich?

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  1. I’ve actually purchased and use the instructions from Garbitrage. Although I only generate $100-200 weekly flipping secondhand items, it’s fun to learn a system that works that I can do as a hobby between work that fits with my schedule.
    I’m sure there is more successful people out there doing flipping this full time but I work full-time.
    In total I’ve earned $6000-7000 profit through Garbitrage systems(I put that profit back into buying more and investing in Crypto. My wife and I have an agreement that as long as my hobbies don’t take out of the mortgage I can do anything!

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