Where are your customers?

I get it. You’re a busy content creator. Every day you’re at the digital coalface, creating and posting for your audience. Straining your imagination in front of the keyboard and camera. Sweating to get those clicks.

And after all of your hard work, slaving away to get that piece of content up in time, only a fraction of your followers will be shown the content you’ve created. The algorithm of your social media platform is constantly choosing – who among your followers is going to see your work?

Even when the algo makes its choice, a percentage of its selection will interact with your content. Only a percentage.

You’re probably aware of this – the funnel effect.

Your audience is 100%.

Then 30% of them will be chosen by the algo to see the content you just posted.

Then 10% of them will engage.

And lastly 1 – 2% will follow through for your paid offer, if it’s there.

Fractions of fractions make it through the whole funnel, and they’re constantly narrowed down by the fact that at the very beginning of the process, the platform algo will never show your work to your whole audience. It just never will.

On top of this, your audience have lives of their own. Believe it or not they’ve got jobs, families, and in some unusual cases, even girlfriends. They’re not exactly chained to the floor waiting for your new content. If the algo doesn’t shirt-front them with it at the exact right moment, then you’ll have to try again tomorrow.

When the algo is on your side, nothing can go wrong. Viral content is driven to an audience you never built. It just goes. Effortless engagement and sales, all from the hand of an uncontactable higher power.

But when the algo is against you, you’re literally dead. You’re alone, screaming into the void. No matter how good your content is, if the algo doesn’t put it in front of your audience at the right time, it will go to waste.

And that’s to say nothing of the times when your thought crimes set you up for algorithmic punishment. Clicked “like” on content that the Woke Overlords deem problematic? Your account can end up in an invisible jail cell. The algorithmic parole officer doesn’t take appointments.

But what if there was a way to contact your audience without the algo knowing about it? What if you could reach straight through the internet and put your content right in front of them at will? Well it’s funny you should ask.

Let me introduce you to a brand new technology you’ve probably never heard of. It’s called email. Wait you think email is worthless in 2023?

You’d better get ready to eat your words.

Who’s on top of this graph? Zuck, of course. But do you know who’s beating him still? Good old fashioned email, with four billion users. Facebook is under three billion. Don’t rush – let that sink in a bit.

Why though? Why is email still so useful? Well, no matter the year email is still used for

  • communication
  • logins for nearly every web service
  • password management
  • document storage
  • the default internet identity

But do you realize that email is also the way to speak directly to your audience with no algorithmic interference? Because it is.

When you’ve got someone’s email address you can contact them any time. And if they care about you and your message in any way, they’ll open it. And you know what happens then?

💹Increased engagement with your content.

💹Increased uptake on your offers.

💹Increased sales.

All because the algo can’t stop you anymore. You can reach right through the tubes and grab your audience by the eyelids (or balls eyeballs).

So email sounds like a great idea by now. You can see the potential, but how do you start? What should you do? Log into your hotmail and start banging out bcc group emails? No. No, that’d get you blackballed faster than a politician takes a bribe.

You need a system for creating and managing your new mailing list. That’s where we come in.

At GetPaidMore we create, manage, and refine your email marketing program in a way that suits you and your audience. We give them what they want to hear, when they want to hear it.

They’re happier because they already love you and your content but now they get more of it with even less effort.

You’re happier because the algorithmic gatekeeper isn’t your problem anymore. Your content and offers can now go straight to your audience and there’s nothing Musk and Zuck can do about it.

Everybody’s happy. Win, win, win. So you in? Book a call and let’s talk about what you need.