You don’t wanna be good at Twitter. I promise you don’t. Even if you think you do, you don’t. This isn’t speaking from experience, because I personally don’t see myself as being good at Twitter. I am a very average performer on that platform. Unexceptional in every way except that I didn’t quit yet. The ones who are really good – those who are skilled at phrasing things in such a way as to resonate with their readers – they get plenty of likes and retweets and…what.

I have a friend who got 1000 follows in her first week, on her first ever account. Some of you know her. She’s very good at Twitter and she makes no money at all. How about you? You got 5000 followers. You got 100 likes. You got retweeted. Rest assured that no one cares.

What you should be focused on, like a laser guided heat-seeking missile, is PROFIT. What makes money? What’s moving you forward?

It’s fine if that’s a job. It’s totally okay. Don’t listen to these insecure nerds on Twitter. Threatened by the idea that maybe half a decade of broke entrepreneurship isn’t a perfect path for everyone. Ignore them. You got a job and that’s great. Use it the way it ought to be used – for your benefit, and to move you forward.

Outside of your job, work on profit. There are so many ways to do it these days. I’m a big fan of flipping, because of the massive financial difference that it’s made to me. It’s pretty quick to learn. When you pick the right product, you can sell for quick return. Beautiful.

You don’t have to flip though. You could start your own online store. You could create a youtube channel. You could write a book in your field of expertise. But whatever you do, don’t get skillful in things that don’t count. Don’t just be that guy who’s good at Twitter and that’s it.

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