Risk Vs. Certainty

Risk has a bad name out there these days.

“Don’t risk it.”
“Man why would do that, it’s so risky.”
“You’re risking everything.”

Do these sound positive and encouraging to you?

No, because people fear risk and pursue certainty. People love the feeling of certainty. But did you ever think that maybe they’ve got it all backwards? After all, these are the same people who live every day like it’s the same day on an infinite loop.

For their pursuit of certainty, all they get is older.
Let me show you some certainties in life.

Never work out and you will stay weak.
Timidly ignore the girl and you will stay single.
Live long enough and you will die.

All of these are 100%, iron-clad, guaranteed certainties. Still want certainty?
Let’s take a look at risk then.

Start a business and you could get rich.
Talk to that beauty and she might like you.
Back yourself and you could win.

Risky, but sexy. And most importantly, open. Taking on risk makes you open to chance. Open to luck. When you create opportunities for luck in your life, by taking risks and pursuing them with directed hard work, you give yourself the chance to win.

The only certainty in life is that you will die. And only by risk can you momentarily put your boot on the throat of certainty.

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