That Time I Got an iPad Air 2 for $18

Did I ever tell you about the time I got an iPad Air 2 for $18? That’s right – eighteen dollars and zero cents. It doesn’t happen often, but when you trade for a while it will happen.

How does it happen? It takes an unbreakable set of rules that I use to mitigate risk. Every trade carries with it the risk of losing money. Rule number 1 is never lose money. When you trade without ever breaking your own rules, you stand a chance at making money out there.

Anyway back to the iPad. I was on holiday in Taiwan. I lose my mind on holiday, and always end up picking some wild project to complete. This time though, all I wanted was to get deals. I had just come off my best trading month ever – the lead up to Christmas. It was $1000 profit per week. Real nice stuff.

And then, all of the sudden, boom. Nothing. International holidays meant that I can’t make deals, meet buyers, or do anything.

…or did it…?

Internet is everywhere these days, so I logged back into my favourite online classifieds looking for deals. And you know what? The deals were still there, even though I was on holidays 9000km from home.

I messaged my brother and asked if I could use his house as a mailing address while I was out. And then I was back in business. Long story short, among other things I picked up an iPad Air 2 for $180 inc. postage while I was on holiday.

The seller listed no defects. At that price, I expected to be able to resell it for closer to $300, aiming for about $100 profit in the end.

I got home a few weeks later and picked it up from my brother’s house. All good, except. EXCEPT!! The iPad had been shipped in a single layer bubble wrap bag. I’m like come on. When in the hell would a single layer of bubble wrap ever protect an iPad from the cruelty of postal physics. When??

Never, that’s when. Of course, when I turned it on and started browsing on it, the iPad had a weird display issue. The shadows of any image were filled with negative rainbows. I lodged a PayPal claim for it, and PayPal refunded me after a couple of weeks with the instruction to return the iPad to the seller.

(note that you must always pay your seller by PayPal, for this very reason)

When I returned the iPad, as an extremely passive aggressive FU to my seller, I bundled it up very nicely with bubble wrap, in a proper box, and sent it using signature on delivery. The total cost to return it via post was…you guessed it: $18.

I posted the iPad back to its owner, and that was that. A full refund, minus the return postage. My fingers were slightly burned. I’m not accustomed to losing. In fact, my model keeps me from losses so well that I have only recorded losses in less than .05% of my trades. That’s fewer than 1/200 trades closed unprofitably.

Anyway, I THOUGHT that was that. But you know what happened? Three weeks later, I’m sitting at my desk and the mailman drops me an unexpected parcel.

I keep a spreadsheet for tracking my business. Buys, sales, dates, margins, the lot. I wasn’t expecting any parcels though, so to find the iPad inside was quite a surprise. It turns out the seller had not communicated at all with PayPal.

PayPal had told me to return the item to a dead address, and because I’d sent it with signature on delivery, the parcel had sat unsigned-for at the local post office. The post office got sick of looking at it, and returned it to the sender – me.

Funny thing is, after the iPad came back to me, the display issue vanished. I played for a while, imagining the iPad would join the ranks of other great productivity tools I have. My computer, my phone, and there in between would be my iPad. It didn’t work out that way though, and after my iPad had sat for a month I’d had enough.

I listed it for sale and dumped it for $280. That’s $262 of profit for anyone who’s counting.

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