The City of Gold – Magnates

The City of Gold is the internet’s greatest money making chat group. It’s a friendly, active community of like minded people, all supporting each other to reach our goals. 

📕  Investing 

🏪  Business 

📈  Trading 

👩‍🔧  Marketing 

💎  Blogging 

🐤 Social Media

📀  Cryptocurrency

💰 Flipping

💸 Sales

🥊 Health & Fitness 

🛒 E-Commerce

🏡 Real Estate

Any money making niche belongs in The City of Gold. We have people from many different skill sets and backgrounds, but the one thing we have in common is that we like making money. 

Why should you join The City of Gold as a Magnate?

You like making money? Make money in The City.

You’ve been working hard to build your audience in your niche? Connect with them in The City.

You’ve got something you want to teach, to sell, and to prove? Sell it in The City.

We have the existing active membership for you to plug straight into – no set up necessary. Our citizens can become your fans. Your fans can become your customers.

Your audience is already looking for a better way to connect with you. Twitter DMs? Please. You have to write each sales pitch individually. In the attention supermarket, who can guarantee your pitch will even be seen?

Even with 10000 followers on twitter, you’re still on your own. Your content is in competition with every other account followed by your fans.

Not only that, but social media algorithms specifically de-prioritize any content that might lead a user off their platform. Links to your product, blog, or service? Sorry, they’d prefer your followers don’t see that.

Combined Gravity

How strong is your pull by yourself? If you left social media, how many of your followers would follow you? Yeah me too. 

The City of Gold solves this by emphasizing cooperation and collaboration. The Magnates of The City know that for each new citizen, the network effect is squared rather than linear. Every single person who joins, makes the whole city stronger. And the collective pull of the group of Magnates we’ve assembled makes The City a fantastic value proposition – far more than any other standalone groups run by individuals. Together we are stronger. Together, we’re all going to win.

In The City of Gold, you can pitch your products freely. On your channel, you know for sure that everyone who checks in will see everything you share. No unnecessary hurdles added by algorithms. Direct and easy communication with people who are already willing to pay for access to your knowledge. It’s the ultimate book of warm leads.

The City of Gold: Structure

The City of Gold is a paid group comprising two membership layers.

Citizens are discussion participants who join The City to learn. Citizens join by buying membership through an affiliate link.

Magnates are discussion leaders who are skilled in their field, who have an established audience and a product or service to sell. You’re reading this because you want to become a Magnate of The City of Gold. With good reason too. As a Magnate of The City, you get

  • The right to sell citizenship to the city with a generous commission rate.
  • Your own dedicated channel to run discussions with your fans, share your content, and sell your products.
  • Automated twitter and YouTube posts sent to your channel so that you fans see more of your content.
  • Eligibility to win prizes in affiliate sales competitions.
  • Above all, a powerful network of experts who are constantly bringing in new citizens.

Who is a Magnate in The City of Gold?

@GetPaidMore – Money Making

James @Fromclicktosale – Online Marketing

Mike @distillmike – Learning & Writing

Emily Dyson @TheEmilyDyson – Pinterest

@TheJoyfulTrader – Trading

Allen @TrainThinkEarn – Copywriting

@BusinessTheoryy – Google Ads

Matt @FI_Imagineer – Finance

Grant Bartel – @GrantBartel – Blog Flipping

Justine @JustineKedi – Finance

Pascal @PascalGrosz – Instagram

Magnate Expectations

As The City provides a platform for you to sell and earn commissions, there are some basic expectations we have for our Magnates.

1.       You must be active in The City to maintain your title. The City works when we all work.

2.       You are permitted to sell only on your own personal channel. Don’t go cutting anyone else’s lunch on their channel (or on the general discussion channels).

3.       No ego / disrespect / fights / bad manners. We keep it positive in The City.

4.       No links to anything illegal / pornographic / hateful. Obviously.

5.     Everything else is covered in detail in the Terms of Service.