Don’t Quit Working

A common attraction for people to the world of side-businesses, entrepreneurship, and raising income, is to “quit working”. There’s this meme lodged in the public psyche that endless naps by some hotel poolside is somehow The High Life – the pinnacle of existence. I dispute this wholeheartedly. There’s nothing valuable about falling back from success into a vapid existence of consumption and mediocrity. No one should want it.

Even those who get it, find that it loses all meaning after a month. No one wants to go on holidays forever. We desire meaning. We crave significance. We want to know what it’s all for – and I can assure you it’s not all just for endless seaside strolls.

I see my business journey as a means to that end. I will never quit work. I love work – my work. Not my day job, or my commute, or spending time in the office at my boss’s mercy. I love creating the things that I’ve created. The books I wrote. The audience I’ve gathered. The discussion group I run. I love it all – that’s not an exaggeration. I don’t love it for the vast amounts of money I make from it either. If I had to figure an hourly rate of pay for what I’ve done so far, it would be below ten cents an hour. But it feels significant. All of this feels like exactly what I should have been doing for the world all along.

Find what you can do. Create meaning, and retire from insignificance.

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Good Broke Mindset

A lot of these guys out here like to write about mindset. Mindset this, mindset that, mindset is everything. I’m not here to disagree.

There are always at least two ways to look at any one thing. Broke mindset for example.

Some would give examples of broke mindset like

  • Thinks everything’s too expensive
  • Tries to avoid paying their share if you go out with them
  • Saves money on insignificant stuff like tea bags, or paperclips, or laundry.

This kind of stuff is a waste of time. People who behave like this are just busy staying broke. – they put a lot of work in, to get nothing in return. I have my own broke mindset though – the good kind. Good Broke Mindset has allowed me to put a decent sum of money together across the last two years.

I started flipping in 2019 as a way of saving money to fund investments. After two years of doing business, I have enough to put a deposit on another house. Keeping a Good Broke Mindset is a large part of my success. Some of the keys to this are

  • Recognize that my profits and investment growth are not for fun
  • Classify my profits as “unavailable” mentally
  • Continually rolling my profits back into my investments like some sort of machine.

I keep myself broke. I haven’t bought anything silly or fun (with a few minor exceptions). I buy t-shirts from K-Mart and drive my 11 year old car. I don’t go to fancy restaurants. My Good Broke Mindset keeps my money alive, and busy. In a few years, it will mean that I don’t have to be this busy. That’s the kind of broke I’m willing to accept.

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How to dodge bullets

A few days ago I dodged a bullet. It passed so close I heard it go speeding by. What kind of a bullet? The kind that gets aimed at you when you break your own rules.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a short list of rules that keep me in profit and out of liability. At Christmas last year, I got impatient and broke one of those rules.

I had an item that was slower to sell. Instead of waiting for it to sell by itself, I listed it on eBay. I’d found a way to create no-fee listings (a story for another time), and I listed on eBay. A great success, I thought at the time. My goods sold in a few days for acceptable profit *and* eBay collected none of their usual extortionate fee from me.

The buyer was an American, so I bundled the goods up and got them posted. Good and well, or so I thought. $490 back in my hand.

A month after I’d taken payment, PayPal emailed me. The buyer had lodged a credit card charge back against me! I gave them the information they asked for, showing that the buyer had indeed bought from me and that I in turn had posted his goods. There was nothing else I could do but trust that decency and righteousness would prevail.

Outraged, I contacted the buyer through eBay. What’s your game mate? What are you playing at? His replies made no sense. First he said the goods didn’t work properly. Then he said he hadn’t plugged it in to let it charge. Most confusing was that his credit card charge back seemed to have been placed before his goods even arrived, but weeks after he’d bought on eBay. None of it added up so I stopped communicating with him. All I could think was that the guy was trying to scam me.

This case hung over me for a month before PayPal put me out of my misery. They emailed a couple of days ago to let me know that the credit card charge back was settled in my buyer’s favor. For some reason though, PayPal took the damage for me. So it’s less that I dodged a bullet, and more that my best friend PayPal stepped in front of the gun for me. PayPal told me they didn’t want to upset me, because I’m a “good customer”.

I guess they noticed that I spend $10000 a month through them 🤣

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Get Rich

How many of your problems are money related, and could simply be solved with quite a bit more money?

Most, probably. Why are you sitting here reading this? Why don’t you go make some more money?

Better yet, learn how to do it without selling more of your time.


So this idiot hits me with a message through Facebook Marketplace. And I know. I just know. I read his name, I can see where he comes from. These people don’t do deals unless they’re pulling your pants down in front of your whole family.

And of course he hits me with the half price offer. Because of course. And because these people are pathologically unable to pay an asking price.

I used to argue with these people for a little bit of catharsis. I thought I’d feel better if I told them to make a better offer, or tried to educate them on where the market is for the items I’m selling.

In the end though, each individual you deal with in selling has never contacted you before. That means any words you waste on the previous lowballers will not have been heard by the current one.

Trying to teach them or reason with them is a very poor way to spend your time. You will not get any return on your investment. You will not bring your lowballer up to your asking price.

These days, I don’t even reply when my suspicion is confirmed. I just click “leave the chat” and get on with my day.

What you need to start.

Why do I flip? Because of the insanely low entry requirements. Capital requirements? Low to non-existent. Business relationships? Not necessary. Extensive sales training? Not even.

You need literally nothing to begin making money as a flipper. All you need is a functioning body, and the will to create a profit out of thin air.

You can get started walking through a Target. You can get started in the free section of your local classifieds. You can even get started with saleable garbage from the side of the road. It couldn’t matter less how you start. The only thing that matters is that you start.

Got arms and legs and eyes? Well my friend, you should know that you have the makings of an excellent and profitable flipper.

Your Side Hustle: Start a business outside of your day job.

After this tweet, I had some people asking what kind of business they should start.

it depends on a few too many things to give actual specific advice that would definitely fit your life situation. Things like your

  • job
  • debts
  • needs
  • skills
  • knowledge
  • personality
  • likes/dislikes
  • goals

I’m not a business consultant, so it’s not possible for me to make guesses about what would work for you. But if your intention is to keep your day job, you need to make sure that your business doesn’t interfere with it. All the hype about quitting your 9-5 doesn’t help if you got a family and a mortgage.

The bank doesn’t care about your personal fulfillment – they just need to make good on their loan to you. If this is you, then practical matters need to come before your wild dreams. Choose something that

  • doesn’t cost too much to start
  • has flexible hours
  • pays quickly

I’ve done this a couple of times. One time, I did garden maintenance after my day job. I spent about $500 on gardening machines – a mower and a weed whacker. I needed them for a house I’d bought anyway. They fit into the back of my car well enough. I put a listing on my local internet classifieds advertising my services at $40 per hour. Now I know, ecom twitter / money twitter / marketing twitter are spitting their Irish coffee at their screens.

I know this is poor man’s work and poor man’s money. I don’t care, cause I worked a summer and bought 1 ounce of gold and 280 ounces of silver. Compare that to twitter, where I have now worked 4 months and earned something like $300.

Anyway, I took jobs after work and on Saturday mornings. I took payment in cash, and my customers often called me back the next month. The difference is scale though. For gardening, you hit your max earnings pretty quickly unless you apply some forms of leverage.

Other people’s time, or other people’s money. You can use other people’s time by taking on staff. Pay your guy $25 an hour to do the work for you. Pay the tax and the difference is profit. You can use other people’s money by taking a loan for more equipment. Using this you have less of a need for up-front capital – you can expand first and pay later. I did neither of these though.

I have also started a wedding photo / video studio. Twice. This one works very well as a side hustle, as weddings are always on weekends. You can spend your weeknights advertising, taking consultations, and editing your content. Shoot on Saturday and Sunday, and then back to your day job on Monday. Weddings are also very happy work. There’s most often a lot of positive emotion around. To start wedding work, basically be 20 and the rest will take care of itself. You’ll work your way through your circle of friends as they pair off and marry. Then their friends, then their friends’ friends. Eventually you won’t know how any of your clients know each other. But they’ll know you still 😛

I’ve shot over a hundred weddings now. I should probably write a book about it. Eventually though, I found I didn’t love the 18 hour days. I’ve only shot one wedding this year.

Then I started flipping. Flipping is definitely my favourite hustle. It takes less time than the others. It is not physically demanding. I can stay clean and dry. AND I make much more money. I strongly recommend that people start with flipping as a side hustle. You can earn fast. Then you can spend you earnings on other ways of making income.

Buy your first drop shipping order. Buy some equipment to start a service business. Buy shares for your future investment fund. The possibilities are boundless once you have some money.

What if the world doesn’t end?

I’ve spoken to many people who say “C’mon man, you could die tomorrow. You could get hit by a bus, and then what was your frugal life for?”

I counter them by asking what if they don’t die. It would be a very difficult life, to run out of money before you’re done living. And yet this is reality for the majority. Most people expect that once they’re unable to work, their standard of living is going to take a huge hit. They worked for forty or fifty years and they’re still unable to get away from work at the end of it.

Is this you? Are you one of the young ones, using the end of the world as an excuse for irresponsibility? Cause you should know – no one’s going to bail you out in the end.

Are you one of the older ones, still hoping that everything just sort of…works out…? Hope isn’t a great strategy.

I recommend that everyone begins learning how to make some non-wage income today.

Money Can Buy Happiness

Does money buy happiness? OF COURSE money buys happiness. You don’t even need the converse to prove the point, but can YOU be happy if you’re hungry and homeless?

Of course you can’t. Your money buys you happiness every moment of the day. Don’t try to tell me that you’d be unhappy if someone handed you a house and a car. Those things cost a lot of money. Your money, my money, their money. Doesn’t matter whose.

The distinction I’d like to make is that money can’t buy fulfillment. This is why you see million dollar fund managers still gunning for “more”. It’s not about money anymore to them. They’re in a competition, and money is only “points” – a way of keeping score in their game. They might feel happy that they won, but whether they have any fulfillment in life… well, that’s another question.

This is because fulfillment in life comes from things other than money. Other than purchasing power, or ability to consume. Fulfillment comes from creation, and love, and relationships, and giving. But money buys happiness, in large amounts. Don’t think so? Try getting a lot of money and see how you feel.

Happy young family having fun running on beach at sunset. Toned photo. Family traveling concept. No effects – real sun

The only people who think that money doesn’t buy happiness, are the ones who have no money of their own. That means that OTHER people are buying their happiness.

“But brother, can’t you see that I’ve ascended beyond your toxic materialism?”

No you haven’t. Your sustenance is other people’s effort. Your happiness comes from the hand of your beneficiary. I don’t get political, but this is why I am a capitalist. In capitalism, you are free to create as much wealth for yourself as you want.

Your wealth creation never takes place in a bubble – you will naturally enrich everyone around you as you go. Your suppliers, your buyers, you business partners, your family and friends. You get rich, and so do they. And they’ll all be happier when you do.

The alternative is to be a parasitic sponge. Depend on other people, take from their productive capacity, and then have the nerve to complain that they owe you more.

If you don’t make money, you are naturally going to be an unhappy person. It is a popular idea today, from these unhappy people, that they are somehow masters to whom a great deal is owed. Let’s get one thing straight though – if you don’t make your own money, you’ve a lower rank in society than a child. You’re a pet.

Not happy about it? Then go make some money. Your attitude will change once you learn how.